Lemon Scented Candles
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Lemon Scented Candles 16 oz
True Scent

A Candles by Creation Lemon scented candle is a perfect way to fill your kitchen with a fresh lemon fragrance. This highly scented candle will make your kitchen smell like it was just cleaned with fresh lemons. Keep a extra scented candle on hand just before guests arrive.

Lemon scented candles are available to you in 16 oz terraced jars with matching glass lids.  The lemon candle scent is perfect for any room in your home. Our lemon candles also make a great candle gift.

Lemon scented candles are also available in tea lights.  Light this tea light in your bathroom and fill the whole room with the fragrance of lemons.  

Lemon scented candles
Lemon scented candles in tea lights
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Highly Scented
Hand Poured
True Lemon Scent
Highest Quality
Lemon Scented Tea Lights